{ swing ME aka cheap summer fun }

A lot of you have asked what some of the things we are doing this summer are {given the spending hiatus} so I thought I'd post once a week about some ideas. One of the {free} projects we are doing this week is building a tire swing. You can get a free, old tire from a local tire store and we have old rigging rope {you could check with a local climbing outfit to see if they have old rope lying around for free} we don't use for races anymore....oh, and a TREE ;-), and voila, a tire swing! Inspired by the latest issue of LMNOP. Here are some other ideas for free or cheap summer entertainment!

image from LMNOP.


Anonymous said...

I am going to be all over these posts. love the swing.

paula said...

I just love this idea. Too bad our only tree in the yard fell down, guess its good we have a swingset.

Anonymous said...

I just saw in your twitter notes that you saw UP. We are going tomorrow for my daughters birthday. I take your recommendation highly.

LobotoME said...

hi denise - yes, it's wonderful! and the storyline goes very much along with you now seeking a new "adventure" in life/work. enjoy!

J :)