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Here's our weekly meal plan...

Monday - Black Bean & Veggie Polenta Dish (already in freezer)
Tuesday - This recipe (pictured above) via Fresh365.
Wednesday - Brown rice & veggie dish (that I already have frozen) with grilled salmon.
Thursday - Pre-race night aka EASY - Spinach & Goat cheese pizza with arugula salad.
{Friday - Sunday - at race, hopefully eating something on the go that is healthier than "aid station food."}

Next week (post-race), I'm going to make this (we had it at a friends house the other night and it was amazing); semi-healthy chocolate chip banana bread (I'll post recipe next week); & more homemade granola.

I've been on a food kick lately - trying new recipes, reading more about food, cooking more, etc... Josyln just started a great new must-read food blog - check it out here. Cuisine Nie is still a favorite for recipes and I really like fresh365 too. What are you eating this week?


kirwin said...

You just opened up a whole new world for me with the fresh365 link -- thanks! I love finding *fantastic* recipe sites.

I just made this one last week, and it was so good. I highly recommend it. http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/pepita-salad-recipe.html

Rachel said...
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Anonymous said...

i'm always into food. I'll be checking those links out. and, like Kirwin - I just signed up for the emails from Heidi and 101 cookbooks. thanks for your great links!

Jenna said...

Hey! We have very similiar taste in food! The Polenta dish and anything with asparagus sounds delish! I also make homemade granola. I am so glad you found the menu plan blog roll at http://blog.chivetalkin.com. It’s all about inspiring others to health. My desire is to have a blog roll of flexitarian, vegetarian, whole foods, local, seasonal menus. Please join in again next week. PS Please link back so that your readers can enjoy all the menus. Also, you may also want to allow "Name and URL" for comment identity... I hope that makes sense. I have to use an old blogger ID as my ID. It would be great if I could put my current blog as my ID. It may be detering some of your readers from commenting. Cheers!

PS~Erin said...

Looking forward to your semi-healthy chocolate chip banana bread recipe!

Hope the race goes great!