{ tranquility + cleansing on the brain }

Shankara, a yogi philosopher had a wonderful list of “suggestions” for successful Sadhna (daily work or effort to foster change), which I've been contemplating a lot lately and attempting to incorporate into my world more.

1. Viveka- discernment- the process of finding out what is important and what you can get rid of. {I'm still in the process of clearing out all of the stuff that clutters our home & lives and focusing on experiences vs. more stuff. I'm also doing a 3 day juice cleanse this week with massage, hot yoga, sauna sessions, etc. for continued detoxification. I'll post my plan for this later this week in case any of you are interested in doing your own cleanse before summer begins!}

2. Vairagya- detachment-becoming “ok” with getting rid of some elements in your life or behavior to foster personal growth. {Here I've been working on clearing the schedule more so that we all have more free time - learning to say no to people, projects and tasks. I've also been spending more time on the yoga mat and in meditation to work on being ever-more "present."}

3. The 6 Treasures...which I will post more about soon.

- tranquility of mind {I'm taking a workshop next week on The Principles and Practice of Pranayama and Meditation in Healing.}

- poise

- burning faith

- self control

- patience

- self surrender

discovered originally via Yoga for Liberation.

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Anonymous said...

interesting and good for you. I'm still undecided if I think that juice fasts are necessarily good for you but I look forward to your post on your experience.