{ spending hiatus - week 3 }

Well, I'm sure you can all guess which book I bought. The waitlist at the library was like 6 months people! I could barely wait 6 minutes. I think I could have read it right there in the bookstore if I didn't have a 5 year old with ME. Who by the way is also in love with you know who. She runs around the house pretending she's Bella's little sister who Edward rescues. She is FIVE. {We are in such big trouble with this little one.}

So, the book. And then while I was there, I caved and bought this book too. I also bought a vintage glass tea container at the thrift store. Why, I have no idea but it's on my counter now. Oh and an adorable skirt ($8). I wore it today. I'll post a pic of it soon as I remember. I also bought a punch pass to the yoga studio in town. I decided that it was a necessity for my sanity and no longer a splurge or a bonus. It is what it is and I need more of it in my life.

So, there ya have it. How are you all doing?

{We are off tomorrow for a family raft trip, so hope you all have a nice, relaxing memorial day weekend and I'll be back next week with hopefully something more than weeping because I've finished the twilight books.}


Anonymous said...

I knew you would buy the book - Mariel's. Do you love it? I do. Love looking at the pictures. So agree with her food philosophy.

have fun on your trip!!!!!

one more thing - I did a little yoga today with someone going through her training. It was so wonderful.

Miss Aimee said...

what fun! have a blast

LobotoME said...

Hi Denise! I love Mariel's book - did you read her first one - you'd like that one too - some recipes, but lots on yoga, meditation, sacred space, healing, etc. have a great weekend! j :)

karen said...

Ha ha, I still haven't read them. Is it worth it? Maybe something for me to do in NY..