{ inspired ME }

A few things that I have been inspired by lately...

This book {more on this one later} and this one.

This post about being {good enough}.

This adorable play group invitation...doesn't it make you want to coordinate your own neighborhood weekly playdate?

And all the peeps participating in Aimee's {spending hiatus} group. It's working already...I literally glanced through the anthro catalog before giving it to Samme to cut up for a collage.

Free downloadable artwork...like Tara's imaged shown above.

This woman's mission to better and beautify her children's public school. {This is exactly what the world needs more of.}

Tara at Ink+Wit's lovely, simple home.

Our garden starting to take shape and the pride Sam has in helping care for it.

The clothesline being up in the backyard and Samme hiding amongst the towels and sheets, as I remember doing when I was little.

My ability to say no more often...even to things I enjoy but don't have time for. Each time I say it, it gets a little bit easier.

Hearing Sam practice her {spring sing} songs at the top of her lungs in our yard...the neighbors even phoned saying how much they enjoyed her singing... :)

This article on Simple Mom about the emotional benefits of being debt-free.

The May Spring cleaning and de-cluttering underway in our home... {I think I need to have a yard sale stat.}

These hilarious facebook greeting cards. {My sentiments exactly.}

Henry beginning to sit all by himself and do his {beached-whale} attempt at crawling...too cute for words.

And this post about making time for the one we love.

The 3/50 project.

What's inspiring you lately?


Anonymous said...

really, all the lovely people (including you) in this "blogosphere". Every day I am encouraged, motivated, and inspired by the blogs I read.

Wilcox Family said...

Loved your post...you'de be so proud of me. I'm doing good on my spending hiatus...I picked up a magazine at the store and then put it back...went to the library and paperbackswap.com instead of ordering from Amazon.com...


paula said...

I want to read the homemade life too:)

Miss Aimee said...

great fun post to read. going to check out some stuff....

PS~Erin said...

Oh, such good stuff to read. Thanks for passing it along.

Good luck on the spending hiatus... I look forward to following your along on our ride.

Have a good day!