{ waste not want not }

Tea towel from here.

Are you guys sick of hearing about my spending hiatus yet? :) So, I've really been contemplating a lot lately how it seems as though we have lost the simplicity and practicality of our grandparents generation... I've been thinking a lot about my gram + gramp lately (now in their mid-80's) and still living in the same house they lovingly restored and raised 6 children in. They came from very modest means and gramp fixed everything...and I do mean everything. They didn't waste food (and still don't to this day). They grew their own veggies and hung their laundry on the line and shoveled their driveway by hand. They have never had a dishwasher or a cell phone. They have had the same phone number their entire lives. I think they are completely mind-boggled when I go back and visit and come back with my iphone, laptop, digital camera, card reader, ipod, yoga mat, portable crib, portable dvd player for Sam, multiple bags, 3 kinds of lotion (day time, night time and sunscreen), several pair of shoes (running sneakers, flats, flip flops), stroller, baby carrier...etc. etc. We have so much STUFF. I want less stuff. We have so many distractions today. I want fewer distractions. I don't have all the answers...all I can do is to continue to strive for my goal of a less hectic, more balanced, simple life. {Waste not, want not.} I've been hanging our laundry on the line each day, I've been tending to our veggie & herb garden, I've been selling stuff on ebay and donating items to the VOA thrift store. I've been slowing down. I've been spending less. Gram + Gramp would be proud.

{ps - I didn't buy anything this week other than groceries + dog food + one of those swimming noodles for sam ($1).} but i would like to buy this, this, and this. but i won't.
{pps - Here is a cute little picture of gram + gramp in their backyard in case you were wondering.}


Anonymous said...

I must confess to some shopping yesterday for the kids and myself. i did budget for it though and most items were very much on sale (thank you H & M).

I am narrowing down my closet to only the items that I wear. no more hanging onto things just because.

i love that your g & g still live in the same house.

PS~Erin said...

I could not agree with you more... As well as wanting that, that and that! it's tough to scale back, but simpler is nice.

saraspitzer said...

Great post.

I cant say I am on a spending hiatus, however I am more "conscious".

I do love your taste in stuff. I bought one of the posters from a link of yours at Etsy and had it framed and its now in our family hallway. It says "Live Simply, Dream Big, Be Grateful, Love, Laugh, Lots".

Also, I love the handbag that you are "not" buying. I love the wallet.

So thanks for sharing your love of stuff and your inspiration for living more Simply.

Here is my life motto:
Live Simply,
Be Grateful,
Look Beautiful,
Love More,
Be Cheerful.

Each week I look forward and plan moments or events that lead to them. Thank you to Stephen Covey, First things First and 7 Habits.

Sara (Sydney, Australia)