{ celebrating }

Some things I'm celebrating today.

1. My 33rd birthday. THIRTY-THREE. I can't quite process the fact that I am getting older because I don't FEEL older.

2. Spending a fun, relaxing day with my sweet family on a beautiful spring day.

3. My husband bringing me a green smoothie and a cupcake for breakfast. My 2 favorite foods.

4. Samme picking daffodils from the garden for me first things this morning. The garden is now barren but my office sure is cheerful.

5. Being cancer free for almost 9 years. Hip, hip, hooray.

6. Looking forward to yoga class this afternoon and sushi tonight. My 2 other favorite things.


Anonymous said...

that's all good stuff. good for you for celebrating each and every thing.

Emily said...

happy birthday!!

Dandee said...

Happy birthday to you, Jenny! So glad you got to enjoy some of your very favorite things on your day.

Anonymous said...

A day late, but Happy Birthday! I hope sushi was great last night!

kirwin said...

Happy belated birthday! Only 33? You're still a baby! ; ) I hope you had a beautiful, gorgeous day celebrating your awesome-ness.

tracie said...

wednesday?! your birthday was on wednesday and i missed it!

just catching up now, but wanted to say ...

it only gets better from here! :)