{ the break part II }

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"I became a positive influence by standing in opposition to what matters least by choosing to live for what matters most."
- Lee Wise

What I've been working on these past few months is this concept of {choice}. I am a working mom. And I have a choice on how to spend my time. Either on what matters most or things that matter the least. I choose to raise my children FIRST and then grow our businesses second. I can't do it all. I can't. (And I'm done trying.) I can CHOOSE to do things that make ME and my family happy & healthy over things that don't.

I'm not complaining. I am fortunate that I have so many good, positive things to choose from in my life. But with poor choices, chaos & neglect can happen. What are we telling our children when we say we don't have time to exercise but we have time for facebook, twitter, etc? Why do we say we don't have time to cook our families healthy dinners but we have time to read 75 blogs a day? Now, I'm not saying that you have to cut the internet out of your life (I know I can't). There are SO many blogs that are inspiring, that help ME be a better mother, business owner, wife, etc. But reading all of these blogs takes time away from SOMETHING in your life, as it does mine.

So, I've been working on making smarter choices. Cutting back on internet time. Getting a good nights sleep each night instead of being up until 1:00am working. Increasing my shipping time by a couple of days. Getting some help when I need it in the shop or with household tasks. I've been saying {no} to others and {yes} to my family. All of this with the intention of being more present in my home and simplifying my busy world. I've also been working on cutting expenses and unnecessary purchases so we can live more simply and travel more - I love this concept of creating a {mindful lifestyle rich in experience.}

So today, thanks for listening and for your support. I'd love to hear how all of you work towards balance and positive choices in your lives. I'll be back later this month with our garden plans, a Yoga for Families DVD giveaway, some amazing {day in the life} guest bloggers - Tara from Ink+Wit and Alli from Bird Dog Press... two of the most creative and inspiring woman I know. So don't forget about ME!

And I leave you with this list of things that I've been doing this past month, while taking a self-imposed {break} from farting around on the internet... :)

1. I meditated. Not everyday, but enough that the silence helped.
2. We had Henry's adoption finalization in the court and a party afterwards.
3. We celebrated Sam's 5th birthday with family and friends.
4. I deleted my facebook account.
5. I ignored my twitter account.
6. I wrote in our family journal on an almost daily basis.
7. I caught up on orders (finally).
8. I practiced lots of yoga.
9. I sat on the couch and watched Season 1 and Season 2 of the West Wing (best show ever).
10. I bought lots of fresh flowers for almost every room in our house to help usher spring in.
11. I ignored my blog and most others as well.
12. I took Sam rock climbing a ton and she {rocks}!
13. I sent gram & gramp lots of letters and care packages.
14. We launched our new company.
15. I sold some more stuff on ebay. Less is more. Less is more.
16. I made a dozen healthy veggie casseroles for the freezer for use on nights when I don't feel like cooking.
17. We put on our first race of the season.
18. I decreased my blog roll and google reader from 100+ blogs to ~20.
19. I spring cleaned a lot of the house.
20. I wrote in Henry's baby book (finally).
21. I got new pictures of the kids printed out and enlarged for framing on our wall.
22. Did I mention I sat on the couch?
23. I read my past issues of Seeing the Everday magazine cover to cover.
24. I worked out more.
25. I refrained from drinking diet coke and instead drank oodles of water and green smoothies.
26. I took {unimportant} items off my to do list.
27. I read this, this and this.
28. I got ~8 hours of sleep a night. Beautiful. The kids cooperated and Will got up with Henry when needed (thank you willy).
29. I didn't sign Sam up for any additional activities this spring (only one 45 minute ballet class once a week that she loves). After a winter packed with swim lessons & ski lessons, we all needed a break from activities.
30. I planned a weekend away at the end of the month with my BFF from childhood who lives in NY.
31. I decided not to exhibit at the National Stationary Show this year. I have enough to do already. I've let it go.
32. I had 2 great date nights with Will.
33. We had a family photo shoot with this delightful photographer.
34. I sent my friend Amy who was diagnosed with brain cancer recently a kick {cancer's} ass care package.
35. I helped my friend organize her nursery for the baby that recently arrived.
36. I took my mom out to lunch.
37. I started taking the supplement ashwaganda for energy & strength.
38. I bought a new pair of red shoes. :)
39. I savored the bed time read books & snuggle routine with Sam instead of rushing through it so I could get back to work.
40. We planned a family getaway to Moab for this week....lots of hiking and rafting planned.
41. We toured Sam's kindergarten classroom. Yes, I cried. But I am happy with the choice we are making and so is she.
42. I celebrated my 33rd birthday with a quiet day at home with the family and later this week a {not so quiet} night out with my girlfriends! :)
43. Really enjoyed this post and this post from these inspirational bloggers.
44. Went to the library every week with Sam to get more books to read.
45. I hiked all over the place with Henry and went on a hike with a dear friend who I see far too little of.
46. Colored about 6 dozen eggs and planned a chicken coop so by next easter we have our own eggs.
47. Made about 7 dozen cotton easter bunnies. Sam couldn't stop... :)
48. Was finally introduced to Edward {twilight} and my obsession has begun. I honestly didn't get what y'all were so obsessed with....but I finally saw the movie and read the book and yes, I am now on board. Fully, on board. ;-)
49. Colored 48 easter eggs. Hide 48, located 45.
50. Was more present in my world. More present with my family. More present with myself.


kirwin said...

Your post was lovely. Simply lovely. It's making me rethink my monthly goals..."get stuff done, must accomplish more mentality" and yet, what about the REALLY IMPORTANT stuff?

Your list was like a breath of fresh air. At the same time, it was like a permission slip to just BE.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

yes! your list rocks. wow. I had some time this weekend to think about things. blogging, friendships, was included in those things. You have some blogs on your list that I am loving too. so hard, to break it all down but I've got too

tracie said...

love it, love it, love it!!

Terese said...

I've been thinking a lot lately about living mindfully...there are a lot of bad habits I need to break...unimportant things that take up way too much of my precious time. Loved your post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. So great, inspiring + just plain lovely. Thanks for the reminder. xo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Learning that I can't do it all has been a difficuly journey for me but I'm gradually getting there. Thank you a very thought provoking post :)

chaniagirl said...

Yours is another wonderful blog that I've discovered through Graceful Creative. Thank you for sharing this post with us. It was exactly what I needed to read at the start of what will be a busy week as I, too, try to find balance.

p.s. I disabled my FB notifications. Now I'm not tempted to log-in. It's amazing how much freer I feel.