{ organize ME }

One of the projects that I've been working on from my to do list is to purge & organize our master bedroom closet. I set up a shoe rack (and am donating any shoes that don't fit on it - it holds ~ 25) in order to par down the # of shoes in there. And I bought 120 wood hangers...so once they are all used up, the rest of the clothes have to go. I figured that was a good way to limit down the amount of clothes I have in there. I found a great deal on wooden hangers on ebay...

I'm inspired by Nicole's bright & cheerful closet (see pic above) over at Making it Lovely...aren't you? I will have to do before & after photos of mine, which won't be as lovely but WILL be less cluttered and disorganized. Not to mention most of my clothes are jeans and black dresses! :)


Rachel said...

GIRL. I was freakin thinking that that was your closet. I need to purge more than half of my closet of out of date, ill fitting clothes. Could really pare it down to 5 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and a crap load of workout clothes!

LobotoME said...

Hi Rachel! No, I am hoping mine looks close when I finish it tonight though...I've been getting rid of a ton of stuff - I wear the same stuff over & over again and the rest just takes up space! I'll post pics soon.

J :)