{ it's a new day }

Tomorrow, we are celebrating the end of an error! :) {I thought that was quite clever.}

I wish I had gotten my act together to plan out a huge Obama Inauguration Party. I am kicking myself for not doing it. You can see if there is one going on in your area by clicking here.

But we are having a special dinner and Sam and I making these cupcakes today! I am using a Wellness Bakeries kit (no artificial sweeteners and lots of protein make these cupcakes actually ones that I can not feel guilty about devouring), and printing out these awesome cupcake toppers.

And don't forget today is National Day of Service.

Here's to a new day and a new era.

photo via: alphamom


Mark Salinas said...

A great day!

Emily said...

We are having an inauguration party at my parents' house and planting 12 olive trees in celebration. And anyone who voted for Bush has to wear a dunce cap.