{ the spirit of things }

I recently discovered this delightful blog {Marta Writes} and am very inspired by this recent post. In particular, I love this paragraph...

"...am looking forward to being together and running from place to place, bundling up the baby, sipping hot cocoa, flipping through books at a used bookshop, going on wilderness hikes, and taking a good break from regular life. staying up late, watching movies and wearing fleece pajamas."

oh, and this...
"...am looking forward to feeling the real joy of christmas this year. am hoping to truly get into the spirit of things.}"

via Marta Writes

I too am looking forward to the month of December. We are keeping it simple and fun and I am really looking forward to being on the computer less and being in the kitchen more. Being in the moment more and rushing around less. Doing only the things we want to do and saying no to the rest. I've got my plan and I'm sticking to it.

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Anonymous said...

oh, that is exactly what I am looking forward to as well. I am off work for TWO weeks straight. No getting up early, sleeping in, staying in pj's as long as possible and only doing things that I want to do vs. need to do.

can't wait.