{ updates & such }

First of all, sorry for the lack of posting lately...just too busy and too tired! :-)

Also, you may have noticed I turned off commenting on my blog - I did this for a few reasons. One, I was getting obnoxious comments that I had to monitor (some people are just mean I guess) and secondly I want to blog to help other people, to inspire people to live simpler more sane lives and the # of comments a post receives or doesn't receive shouldn't impact my desire to keep blogging. Anyway, I got the nicest email (in lieu of a comment) from a reader and wanted to share a part of it because this is why I do carve out the time for this blog.

"That video did give me hope that things will get better, cause there are a lot of people out there that believe that change is good and that change is essential for us to continue on as a nation. And it made me cry which was exactly what I think I needed to do, because now the headache I was getting has started to go away, so thank you for many reasons, but mostly just thank you for caring about the world enough to share things that move you and that you think will inspire the rest of us. p.s. have a wonderful day."

And speaking of commenting, I won a giveaway for a pack of Nuru financial cards from Fabulous Financials. In the original post she asked how readers were simplifying this holiday and spending less. I told her about our {few key gifts for the kids} idea and lots of giving as there are a lot of people in need this holiday season.

Stay tuned in November for another giveaway and some more holiday sanity saving tips!

And last but certainly not least, little Henry turned one month old today...time just continues to fly by, doesn't it? Today Henry & I are taking a fall hike.