{ insanity or voluntary simplicty? you choose. }

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I've had several emails from dear friends over the past few weeks expressing serious frustration with their lives...it seems as though the quote above resonates well with their situations. They say that they are working all the time, not spending enough time with their family, not taking care of themselves, etc. So many woman I know are so rushed and frenzied and stressed...this is not a good way to LIVE.

Not CHANGING the way you are living to have your life align with your values and goals is INSANITY! And you won't get you the results you want. So, I ask of all of you today...what do you keep doing that isn't creating the life you want? Are you working too much? Look at ways to cut back - delegate more, hire an intern, etc. Are you surfing on the internet 4 hours a day but saying you don't have enough time with your family. Cut back on the computer time. Are you not exercising or eating healthy? Schedule in 3 days this week when you can fit in 1/2 hour of exercise. Have you not connected with your partner lately? Schedule a date night and call a babysitter pronto! Sometimes all you need is a little shift to SPARK big changes.

Around the world, millions of people are trying to simplify their lives. Some are looking for more time with their families. Some are looking for ways to save money. Many are looking for more meaning. Voluntary simplicity doesn't mean quitting your job and living in a cabin in the woods without electricity. It is about finding ways to simplify the life you have.

A few books that I've really enjoyed in regards to simplifying and have recommended to friends are:

The Circle of Simplicity
by Cecile Andrews.

Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs

Your Money or Your Life

And here are some ideas on how to make more time for your families:
1. Work shorter hours. Perhaps by cutting back on expenses you can cut back on work or try applying more effective time management solutions at work, delegating tasks more or hiring a personal assistant.
2. Turn off the computer and TV.
3. Learn to say NO. Do you really have to be on 4 boards? Do your kids really have to take dance, gymnastics, swimming and soccer lessons?
4. Eat one meal a day together. We try to do breakfast & dinner together each day.
5. Plan activities together - hiking, volunteering, etc.
6. Create some family rituals. { Friday pizza night, Saturday morning farmers market & hike, family movie nights, etc. }
7. Write notes to your kids or in a journal. Love how this dad wrote to his kids every morning for 15 years!

How can you slow down and stay sane this fall?


Katie said...

Hi Jenny-Thank you for your inspiration!!! Once in awhile we all need a little "talking to" to remind us how to live more simply and more fulfilling lives!

I have to tell you how much I LOVED your Maverick sign!!!! Thanks to our old Friday night party nights that movie has always been a favorite!

Org Junkie said...

What a great post! I don't think I've commented before but just had to pop in because this is a subject near and dear to my heart and I couldn't agree more with your list. Thanks!

workout mommy said...

this could not have come at a better time!Thank you for the reminder. I am logging off right now. :)

Anonymous said...

it's good to know that I am not alone in feeling frustrated with my life but that does not make it right though. these are good tips for sure.

Jackie said...

Hi, I've been feeling this way this year. I do stay home with my kids, don't really watch tv but I am just busy trying to keep up with our life. I feel sometimes like I just really want to spend more time with my kids. Then I laugh because I am with them all day. Just not paying enough attention to them. I made a decision to make a serious change. Then I went to read scriptures for the day. I saw a quote right away that I had written in there years ago. I felt like it was my answer.


We've been making small changes to help. Getting up earlier, having family night time schedules, etc. Starting out with a good prayer and 30 min. scripture study is makes an amazing differentce when you can stop and do it, eh? Thanks for the post. Good reminder to us!