{ samME's room + what to do with all the art now that school has started + baby update }

Here are a few pics of Sam's room - not sure if I've ever posted some before or not. Anyway, here is the {art wall}. I love displaying Sam's beautiful creations where we all can see and enjoy them. One entire wall in her bedroom is covered with HER art.

I have a bunch of clear frames in all sizes and just pop in new artwork and creations from time to time. I can store a few behind the one showing and Sam can take them off the hooks and re-arrange them when she wants to without fear of her breaking glass.

We've also created a little reading nook for her on the window seat which she uses all the time. What creative ways do you have for displaying &/or sharing your kids creations?

Update: Still no baby...slowest birth EVER.

Dear Henry,
Please come today. we are SO ready to meet you. I'm not sleeping anyway due to my excitement, so I'd rather be up looking at you breathing and taking care of you and kissing you at night. So please come today. Pretty please.
Love, your new family, the Newcomer's

Meanwhile, I continue to find adorable little baby things on etsy.


Emily@remodelingthislife said...

Her room is beautiful, I love that window seat!! I keep looking for those box frames and can't find them anywhere!

Come on, baby!!

Katie said...

What an adorable room! It looks so cozy!

J. Wilcox said...

Beautiful - I'm wishing you the same - the arrival of a new little spirit in your home - SOON!!

Stephanie said...

Oh the agony of waiting!! I hope it is soon...so you can start getting some rest. Or will you? :)

I'm so excited for family to become 4. It will be perfect!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

What a cute idea with the art and I LOVE the window seat! Someday I'd like to put one in my bedroom.

I thought my oldest was NEVER coming out. She was over 2 weeks late and I never did go into labor on my own.