{ getting ready for bebe list }

no bebe yet. but we had a fun weekend - one thing we did was take sam to a free outdoor movie (E.T). great fun! (that's samme in the front of the tuk tuk bike!) and some baby shower goodness (see, i'm practicing!)

here are some things i'm working on this week in addition to the regular work related tasks prior to little henry's arrival....

Stock up on household supplies:
x dish detergent
x mild laundry detergent
x healthy frozen foods & snacks
prepare some soup, chili, etc. to have in the freezer for easy meals
x napkins, paper towels, ziplocks
x pet food
x shampoo, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper
x diapers & wipes

Streamline finances:
x balance checkbook
x buy stamps
x set up auto-pay
x refine budget for second child expenses (formula, diapers, etc).
get 401K stuff all at one brokerage firm (preferably one that isn't going to go bottom up anytime soon...)

Domestic maintenance:
x get oil changed in cars
x clean out cars
x properly install carseats in cars
x clean house or arrange for cleaning help
update health/life insurance policies
x clean house windows
x declutter playroom
put away summer clothes / get out winter clothes

Personal care:
x get prescriptions filled & vitamins stocked up
x doctors &/or dentists appointments
x get haircut / waxing appointments

Baby Items:
x create a folder to all instruction manuals and receipts for baby gear
x plan birth announcements
x get address labels ready
x buy stamps
x prepare the nursery
x wash and fold all baby's clothing and linens
x organize older baby clothes in bins in closet for easy swapping out when needed
x send thank you notes for shower gifts
x prepare email address book for quick announcement
x pack for hospital
x get diapers/wipes/changing pad/extra clothes kit ready for cars
x have camera, charger & card reader ready
x first aid kit/baby supplies
x go through Sam's baby clothes and save & giveaway

x sibling gifts & books
x have journal/scrapbook ready (Alli is making ME one - woohoo!)
legal documents - will & testament, etc.
x arrange for childcare during hospital stay for other children (if necessary)
x book a massage - pre &/or post bebe arrivals (luv this suggestion!)

These are some items suggested by my dear friend alli in her new mama handbook of things to have {ready} prior to baby's arrival and from NieNie's pre-baby list. do you have any tasks to add?

{ And even if you aren't expecting a little one soon, these are some great tasks to do this fall to get organized. }


robyn said...

any tasks to add? you could come over and clean my bathroom!

man, are you ever nesting! hah! that list is like everything i do in a YEAR around the house!

excited for the first pictures of little henry when he finally joins your family!

LobotoME said...

I totally AM nesting and using henry's arrival as a jump start to get all of these things done that never get done! :-)

debbiem said...

i am going to do this list this fall (minus the baby stuff) - i think your september challenge is Get organized!