{ weekly workout plan }

This past week I stepped it up a notch and worked out for 8.5 hours. Next week I want to do more and add more running into the mix. I've already lost 2 lbs! And I eat plenty (today I even indulged in a yummy cupcake at a kids bday party - it was made from a Wellness Bakeries mix and it was fantastic!) More about this cool company soon.

It's amazing how much better I feel on the days I do workout - more energy & more sanity {and you know we are all about staying out of the loony bin here at LobotoME!} It's been tough carving out this time during a super busy month of the year {stores are ordering for the holiday season and we are ramping up our production & we still have 2 big races left to put on in September} but it feels GOOD!

Anyway this week's plan is:

Monday - Cardio Sculpt - 1.0 hour
Tuesday - 3 mile run & .30 min yoga
Wednesday - Boot Camp - 1.5 hours
Thursday - 6 mile run & .30 min yoga - 1.5 hours
Friday - Hike - 1.5 hours & maybe some swimming
Saturday - Power Yoga - 2.0 hours
Sunday - Hike - 1.5 hours
Total Hours: 10 hours!

My big test will be the last week in August - I'm heading back east to visit my grandparents - I'm packing my running shoes & my swimsuit but can I keep up this pace & training while on vacation with a 4 year old (dear husband is not joining ME)?

Stay tuned Monday for another great giveaway in honor of Fit ME month!

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Anonymous said...

Your week looks awesome. I am finding that variety is keeping me motivated lately.

And working out while on vacation is so hard for me. Good luck!