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So, I've received lots of questions about my running routine and how I am training for my 1/2 marathon this fall. First, let ME make this clear... I am not a runner. I am a mom, a biz owner, a wife, a mt. biker, a hiker, a yogi, many, many things but I have never considered myself a runner. This past weekend I was complaining to a friend about how it has been hard to motivate to do longer runs because I JUST KNOW it will be painful. She told ME about a great running training program that she uses by Jeff Galloway. The basic premise is to take walk breaks. So say you have a 10 minute mile - you should run for 3 minutes and then walk for a minute. Then repeat for the duration of your run. The idea is that little breaks help keep you motivated and breathing and that you use different muscles while walking than running so you are going easier on your body. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of this sooner! So the plan this week is to give it a go...I had Will set up my watch to beep at those intervals and I am going to go for a LONG run this weekend. And if you are new to running or trying to get back into it why not start with a slow jog for 1 minute and then walk for a minute and repeat? Give it a GO and let ME know what you think! I'll write more on this soon! Anyone had any experience with the Jeff Galloway plan?

ps- is that not the cutest picture EVER of my little girl when she was little running through sprinklers?

pps - I run in a skirt usually - here's one of my favorites from Athleta on sale for $14.99! Score!


debbiem said...

oh my goodness - could she be any cuter!!!!!
thanks for that running tip - i am going to try this!
what watch do you use?

LobotoME said...

I just got this new watch that I am trying out - as soon as I figure it all out I will do a review of it - I love the idea it has a heart rate function without the chest strap!
And yes, that's one of my favorite pictures of all time! Running so hard through sprinklers! Oh the joy of being a child!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly how I started running- and usually on the longer runs I still take walk breaks when needed. It's how I roll!

remodelingthislife said...

VERY cute girl! :)

I have heard the walk/run thing works really well for a lot of people. I can't do it. As soon as I stop running and slow down or stop and start again, I get side cramps. It's run or lay on the couch for me :)

LobotoME said...

Hi Hannah - Glad to know that worked for you at the beginning!

Emily - That cracks ME up - but I was honestly wondering if when I stopped running (even if it is for a minute walk break) I will be able to get going again...I guess we'll see how it goes tonight on a run and this weekend on a longer run.

Have a great day ladies!

Jen said...

In honor of fit ME month - could you post the link to your favorite water bottle? I think that you did a long time ago, and I'm looking for a really good one.

workout mommy said...

how adorable! Wouldn't it be great if we could all just run through the sprinklers like that? :)

I think the Galloway program is great.When I ran the marine corps marathon there were several runners using this method and most of them finished before I did!

and once you run your 1/2 marathon, you will have no choice but to add "runner" to your many other talents!

JW said...

Hi Jen:

This is how I roll too, it's the only way I gear up and build a base...you can increase the walk/run intervals as you progress. A few other things that have helped me...

1. I run for time instead of mileage. It's a mental thing.
2. I run with a heart rate moniter at low heart rate. It's amazing how much farther I can run and how much better I feel at the end of my run. It sounds like you might already do that...
3. One day a week or every other I do an interval/speed workout.

I'm training for one of these next year...


Good luck with your training, keep us inspired!! :)
:) Jana