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This statistic will blow you away. Next time you reach for the remote, think about this... The average American watches 1,672 hours of TV a year. That is about 70 days worth of TV a year. Or about 10 weeks!!! What could you do with 10 more weeks this year?

I'm guilty of TV watching too (although not that bad)...I've been known to watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl {guilty pleasure} & Oprah. We TIVO the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Samme watches some commercial free Noggin. So we aren't perfect. But 70 days of TV a year - NEVER!

How many hours do you/your family watch a day? Now multiply that by 365. WOW.


debbiem said...

holy crap! when you add it up like that -- - - - - -- -

uh oh!

Anonymous said...

is it okay to justify blogging time with the fact that I watch little to no tv?

I do at least : )

Blessed said...

We've chosen to not have a TV in our home - and that's why!

Now just don't ask how much time I spend blogging... :)