{ NO spend month redux }

So, we did it! And we were right on with our goal of $500 for food and $50 for misc. items. We even had $.08 cents remaining! LOL!

How did the family handle it? Well, my husband took to calling my {NO spend month} - NO Food In The House month! He said, can we PLEASE go get sushi now that this is over?

What did I/we learn? I really want to continue to keep better tabs on where our $ goes each month. I think by simply paying attention and being more mindful of purchases we can continue to do a good job of saving $ for the things we really want (paying off our mortgage early, traveling lots & lots, etc.) We want to live our lives and spend our money in ways that are in line with our values, interests and passions. We want to be do-ers, not accumulate-ers. For instance, we don't want more stuff (more cars, more toys, more clothes) but we want to be able to spend generously on recreational pursuits, organic foods and long trips to faraway places. We want to continue to make efforts to be environmentally green. By reducing our consumption, we save money (and the earth) in the process. We talked about ways to generate more passive income streams and ways to cut non-essential personal & business expenses. And we talked about what questions to ask ourselves before making a major purchase. We have our financial goals listed on a chalkboard in our kitchen and on the bulletin board by my desk - as daily reminders - pay off school loans, save $ for month in New Zealand/Australia, retire early, etc. This daily reminders help keep us focused & inspired! We decided that we were going to take a VERY minimal approach to holiday giving this year (photos of Sam & tree dedications to immediate family and no gifts to extended family), asking nicely that the grandparents don't inundate our child with dozens of gifts, but instead, perhaps donate to her college fund (she will thank all of us later). More on some of these ideas soon.

Now, this doesn't mean that I will NEVER set foot in Anthropologie again or never order anything online again. For one, I'm not perfect and two, I don't know how anyone can resist Anthro. But what it does mean that the tide has changed and I will THINK about the purchase in advance (and maybe even wait on it for a day or two) and decide if it is something that will make our lives better (more organized, more fun, etc.)....If not, I won't be tempted to get it. I will save up $ in advance for a holiday jaunt to Anthropologie and not enter the store with a credit card.

I think this quote sums up my experience with NO spend month...

"It is not what you earn that makes you rich or poor, it is what you spend."
- David Bach, Go Green, Live Rich

How did it go for those of you who participated? I enjoyed reading some of your blog postings!


JW said...

Hey Jen - My spend no dinero month didn't quite go as planned but all for good reason - I just made some major life changes and decided to work on my own as a real estate agent (instead as an assistant to a top agent) the response has been overwhelmingly positive but alas, I had to purchase a few unexpected business items but am conciously aware that my spending needs to be tightened up so I may continue to pursue my dream life that is starting to become a reality - woo hoo!! Thanks for the inspiration -ALWAYS...

Sushi on the menu for tomorrow? :)

LobotoME said...

Hi Jana!

That is awesome that you are going at it on your own! I am proud of you! That life/financial change was WAY more important than no spend month!


xo, jenny :)

debbiem said...

Great Job! This has been inspiring to me to make changes to our spending habits too.

tommysmommy said...

You did a great job! I did better this month but still need lots of improvement when it comes to $ management and curbing spending.

Anonymous said...

well done on sticking to your budget..you have some great goals and ideas :)

Rachel said...

"We want to be do-ers, not accumulate-ers."
Great line, and a fantastic job on your month!