{ no more excuses }

So one of the items on my 2008 To DO List has been to create a will & guardianship documents. Just in case. Well this required choosing software, making an appointment for an attorney perhaps, etc. and half-way through 2008 it still hasn't happened. But, then I came across this free offer for Suze Orman's Will & Trust forms. So I am putting this on my To DO list and will have it done by August 1st. I'm going to fill out these forms and have an attorney review them, get the witnessed & notarized and filed safely away.

Here's how to get it:
  • Go to SuzeOrman.com.
  • Click on Will & Trust Kit link on upper left menu.
  • Click the orange Gift Code button.
  • Type in the code “people first”.
Oh, and these better not be sold out by the time my No Spend Month is over. :-)


Anonymous said...

We did spend around $700 a couple years ago to do all our legal documents with an attorney.

Not free by any means but really glad we have it all done.

debbiem said...

AWESOME link! I am going to add this to our to do list too! thanks for th ereminder about how important this is!

jess @ lost button studio said...

I need to just get this done too...it's been on my to do list forever. Why are things like this so hard to do?

JW said...

Hey, on my list this year too,thanks for the reminder and the great link...