{ 4th of July salad }

What I always bring to 4th of July BBQ's

4th of July Salad...

1 Bag of Spinach or Arugula Salad Mix
1/2-1 cup of Sliced Strawberries
1/2- 1 cup of Sliced Blueberries
1/4 cup of Feta or Goat Cheese (I tend towards the goat cheese more)
1/4 cup of slivered Almonds
2 TBS of light Vinaigrette (I like to use a light raspberry vinaigrette)

Hope you all have a happy, safe & relaxing long weekend!  


debbiem said...

YUM. I am making this for tonight!

debbiem said...

ps -Happy 4th!

JW said...

Hey - I thought of you today, went to a 5th of July Party/get together - guess what salad we had? Yep, your salad, it made me giggle and I thought of you - hope you are having a great weekend with the fam.


Coveiter said...

I love salads that combine fruit + cheese + nuts. Yum!

{ Lindsey }