{ what are you putting on your skin? }

According to cosmetic industry estimates, on any given day a consumer may use as many as 25 different cosmetics and personal care products containing more than 200 different chemical compounds. What I found frightening was that many of the products I purchased at natural foods stores (labeled as natural & organic),that I assumed were safe for ME & my family still had dangerous chemicals in them.

This is an excellent database (managed by the Environmental Working Group) where you can type in any product and it will rate it as safe to harmful. {Thanks Julie for passing this site along!} In the database you can enter in any products you use from sunscreen to toothpaste to mascara and see a rating on its safety. There also is a quick guide for baby products that is really useful if you don't feel like spending a lot of time looking for specific items. Even items that you may think are safe that are listed as all natural and organic can sometimes have harmful products as I found out when searching one of the sunscreens we use.

{BTW, we have switched to UV Naturals Sunscreen which you can buy at REI.}

I was super surprised to see that Method products are considered moderately hazardous!
Seventh Generation scored way better {not as cute packaging but safer}.


kristi said...

Holy Crap - I just typed in about 10 prodcts I use and so many of them are rated 5 or above! Thank you so much for sharing this site!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap is right! I typed in ours too and they are bad! I am throwing them out right now.