{ weekend plans }

Put on this race.

Going to do this over the weekend.

And this nature walk scavenger hunt.

Have a father's day picnic with family.

Daydream about our next dream vacation here.

And remember that every moment we have together, the 3 of us, is precious.

Pic from PepperPaints


JW said...

Hey Jenny….so I have been totally stressed out the past couple of weeks with work and my positive mantra yesterday was “I believe in miracles” – I wanted to thank you for gently reminding me that I am a miracle and how beautiful every moment is with our family. I read the story about Liz and it hit home reminding me what could have been but wasn’t. Life is beautiful and I have a purpose. See, after the birth of Auggie I was having trouble breathing and well, long story short – they found a blood clot in my lung (pregnancy related). All my doctors concur that it was a miracle I am alive. If anything this taught me that the only thing we can take with us is......the love that we give, the love we receive and the experiences we get to have along the way. The best gift you can give your family is to take care of yourself and to spend quality time with them everyday. Yes! So, thank you for reminding me of what I’ve learned, putting life all back into perspective in an instant…Enjoy your weekend always, we are off to the beach to get some surf!! Jana

LobotoME said...

Hi Jana - Thanks so much for sharing and very glad that you survived what must have been a VERY traumatic experience for you & your family.
xo, jenny