{ sacred space }

"You must have a room or a certain hour of the day or so where you do not know what is in the morning paper. A place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. At first you may think nothing is happening. But if you have a sacred space and take advantage of it and use it everyday, something will happen. Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again." - Joseph Campbell.

I think it's important for everyone to have a place in their homes where they can go to sit, drink a cup of tea, practice yoga, meditate, read or relax. This is the space I created on one end of Sam's playroom. She practices yoga a lot with me there and helped me decorate it (note the flags).

Here are some tips on how to create a sacred space at home here, here and here.


debbiem said...

great ideas!

i need to do this in my house - maybe in our bedroom!

rachel said...

Hi, Just a note to say hello. Jealous of that yoga space. We have a spare room that I could do that in..makes me think.

Anonymous said...

did you buy all of that stuff for it? buddhas & fountains? how much would it cost for me to make a yoga space like that do you think?

LYNN (washington, dc)

JW said...

Can I move in with you? :)

Jana :)

LobotoME said...

Hi Lynn - Well, I had the yoga mats & pink meditation cushion (if you need these I like Ycatalog.com for yoga supplies; I had the fountain in a different place in the house (I think I got it at Linens in Things); the 2 cute pink flowered pillows were on sale at Pier1; the wooden buddha was a find at a store in Boulder ages ago, the banner flags that Sam hung were from Etsy; etc. That little table is like my little shrine. I think the main things you need are a yoga mat & meditation cushion; some sort of alter/shrine with things that make you happy (for me flowers & buddhas); an eye pillow for relaxation; a place to sit and read (a cozy chair would be great); a fountain or CD to play music, soothing sounds and then that's it. You are good to go. I imagine you could design a great space for less than $100. Look around your house & see what you could use!
J :)

LobotoME said...

Hi Jana! You sure can! Or at least you can come visit sometime!
J :)

Sarah said...

I found a great little Buddha statue at Target of all places. I think it was $12. That and a few meaningful shells and stones, and a candle ... instant altar! Love your pink meditation cushion Jenny! xo s.

kirwin said...

Thanks for sending me this link. Okay...first, I'll set up a little desk area for myself, and then I'll get to the yoga/meditation corner.

I think it's so cool that your daughter does yoga with you. : )