{ hopeful ME }

1: desire with expectation
2: expect with confidence
4: be FULL of HOPE
5: believe that anything can happen: if you do - it can!

An adorable picture of my MOM wearing that hat I gave her. {I'm glad Sam can't read yet!} Today she is having surgery to remove the cancerous tumor & kidney. Today I am full of HOPE. Hope that she will BE just FINE.

** Late breaking news...her surgery has been rescheduled (for sometime mid-week)...her surgeon's flight was canceled from Hawaii. So the wait continues. Back to the mat I go.

*** Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on my goal for July as NO SPEND MONTH. Can, Jenny, ME, not spend any $ during the month of July with the exception of food & gas? I'm feeling up for the challenge. Are any of you?


Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

I love that hat. (I forget where you can get it...)

I'll be sending good thoughts + prayers your way for your mum.

Mary Beth said...

Lots of healing thoughts to Mom and all your family. The hat says it all! With that attitude there is Tons o'HOPE.

debbiem said...

sorry the surgery was delayed - but love this post about HOPE! keep up the great hope Jen!
ps - I am up for the no spend challenge! are you going to track it on your blog?

Lisa said...

I LOVE THAT HAT!!!!! I love your idea about a no spend month - we need to share ideas about that! Only problem is for Steve's birthday....of course he is always just wishing that I won't spend money, so maybe that can be my gift to him! XXOO

dmoms said...

bummer about the delay in surgery but there always seems to be a reason for things like that.

you know I am up for the no spending challenge...with one exception, my son's birthday is in July and he is holding out for a guitar.

yikes, july 1 is tomorrow!!

LobotoME said...

Hi Lisa - I know - I thought about that too! You can give Steve the 12 pack of Fat Tire I sent for him! That's all he WANTS/NEEDS for his bday! :) We have our anniversary this coming weekend and told Will he ain't getting anything from ME - he was DELIGHTED! He said {no spend month} was the BEST anniversary present - that and getting rid of all of the stuff we don't want/need in the house - he is just as tired of picking it all up as ME!

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Will keep you posted about my mom.

xo, jenny