{ taking MY own advice }

So this morning, instead of my usual yoga class I decided to take a NIA class being offered at a new fitness studio in town. As you know, I always stress trying new things, adding adventure to your life, and mixing up your routine. Well, I took my own advice today and....well, I was WAY out of of my comfort zone. NIA is a combo of dancing, movement, martial arts, etc... The best way I can describe it is...you know when you have music blaring in your house while you are cleaning and you can of jam around and shake your hips and spin around? Well, the NIA class was like that but instead of dancing during a 3 minute song in the privacy of your own home we were doing that for 60 minutes in FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE!!! I know lots of people who love NIA classes and I would suggest it to people who like dancing or who want a lower impact workout. It just isn't for ME. But I tried it. What new thing are you going to try this weekend?


Anonymous said...

not sure if I could "hang" in that class either - but way to go for giving it a try!

debbiem said...

yes, good for you for giving it a go! i've tried a few nia classes before - they do take some getting used toO!

Anonymous said...


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