{ happy campers }

So we spent the first night in our camper - what fun! I should mention we were in our driveway - Sam was dying to sleep in it and we didn't have anything in it so we got our sleeping bags and headlamps and called it good. But, we are gearing up for our first getaway in it....

I am working up some ideas to fix it up a bit - make it more homey - it's pretty new and in excellent condition but I can't stand the upholstered fabric or the fake wood cabinets, etc. So, I'm thinking of getting fun queen size bed sheets & comforter to cover up the beds with (until I can find time to get the cushions re-upholstered in a fun outdoor, easy to clean fabric); getting a chalkboard panel to put on the front of the mini-fridge. A few carpets (or this), some bright small kitchen appliances, pots & pans, some fun pillows, an outdoor rug to keep stuff from getting tracked in and some solar lights for outside. Any more ideas?

Amber over at Daisy Chain Blog is completely overhauling their camper they bought on craigslist ~ they tore up the linoleum floor and put bamboo in and are planning on replacing the cabinets with modern ikea cabinets & stainless steel appliances! impressed!

Oh, and check out this great muffin making camping recipe from Wee Life.


Jen said...

My husband has been wanting to get a camper... it never occurred to me how much fun I could have decorating it!

tommysmommy said...

cool ideas! love that comforter from target!

Anonymous said...

love the personal touches you want to add to it!