{ a whole lot of YUCK }

Spent yesterday at Sam's school volunteering for their Health & Nutrition Week - I taught yoga to the kids & teachers and had lunch with them. The kids lunches made me CRINGE. See above photo of one little boy's lunch.

Contents of gross lunch #1:
1 cup of leftover mac & cheese - 8 grams of sugar
1 package of Yogo's (yogurt covered something) - 15 grams of sugar
1 box of Hi-C juice - 32 grams of sugar
1 Go-Gurt smoothie thing - 20 grams of sugar
1 peanut butter granola bar - 11 grams of sugar
1 lime jello fruit snack thing - 14 grams of sugar
Grand Total: 100 grams of SUGAR!

I don't mean this to be MEAN, but seriously, we wonder why Type II diabetes among kids is on the rise; we wonder why kids are hyper and prescribed ADHD meds; we wonder why kids are overweight....? We need look no further than the food that they are consuming!! I try to give parents the benefit of the doubt that they are doing the best they can, but can't we do BETTER than this!?!?! Afterall, the kids can't go grocery shopping for themselves.

In contrast, here's what was in Sam's lunch (see photo below). Note: This lunch took ME about 2 minutes to prepare.
1/2 sandwich - multi-grain, sprouted bread; turkey; provolone cheese; avacado; tomato and a bit of veganaise
1/2 cup of edamame beans & some baby carrots
1/2 cup of fresh, organic strawberries
1 bottle of filtered water

Here is a picture of Sam & I teaching the kids yoga.


Sarah said...

So sad. I have to wonder what the parents are feeding themselves, too. I think for many people nutrition takes a back burner when lives get hectic (is anyone's life not hectic?) It really requires a major overhaul and change of perspective on nutrition; then it becomes easy to prepare healthy foods for the whole family. Nice sleuthing work, Jenny!

JW said...

Can you and Sam get any cuter?? I think not!

Great observation, I agree it's very sad especially since it's the parents who make their lunch. As I've overheard many conversations about health and fitness and FOOD I've come to the conclusion that it's a lack of education. I know so many friends that belive drinking a diet coke or sugar free this or fat free that is doing their body some good when really all that is required is to eat REAL food. It boggles me everytime. I have a niece and nephew that came over to my house (8 and 10) and they had never had a peach before! What? Are you serious?? :) So, we had a fun day trying all the fruits and veggies in our house. They still remember it to this day. :)

Living by example is the only way to go and you are raising little Sammy to do just that - her lunch looked YUMMY!!!

Jessica said...

The photo of you and your daughter teaching yoga is darling. Her lunch sounds yummy. :o)

Anonymous said...

don't get me started on kids lunches! We wonder why so many kids are ADD and ADHD and now diabetics - it's the FOOD they are given!

Yo-go's - you should see the ingredient list - horrible, can't even pronounce most of it. Yet, some think because they have a trace amount of yogurt they are healthy.

Way to go on your yoga demo and heathly lunch - I make 3 kids lunches everynight - I know it is an effort but I tell my kids their healthy lunch is a way to show that I love them.

debbiem said...

Yes, if we don't set the right tone for our kids NOW with regards to nutrition they won't ever know what it means to eat real, healthy, wholesome food - thanks for sharing this - I hope you share it with the boys parents!


Jen said...

Truly disturbing. I read this this morning and kept thinking about it through out the day.

p.s. Your lunch sounds yummy! You can make me a sandwich anyday!

tommysmommy said...

what are those little containers you use for her lunch? i vow to do a better job feeding my son. thank you!

LobotoME said...

Hi! Sam's lunch box is from http://www.laptoplunches.com/ - its a bento style lunch box.

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

Oh gosh, I would die if you saw my son's lunch!

Well, it's not that bad :) But I know it can be so can be so much better. The problem is, he's so darn picky that it makes it very hard!

He get's a jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. (smucker's no sugar red raspberry preserves) The bread is homemade by me and my bread machine :) Two chocolate chips cookies made by me as well. A bag of reduced Cape Cod Chips and a bottle of Poland Springs Water. Oh and I don't use plastic bags, I pack everything in recyclable boxes that he can use everyday. I know I can do better, but I figure, one step at a time :)

LobotoME said...

Hi Kat- This post is not to make people feel guilty :-) It's just to make parents think about what they are making or buying and try to help educate other parents about healthier choices. I've found that if you give it to kids and there are NO OTHER choices they have to eat what you give them (eventually). And if I cut Sam's sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters, she'll eat anything! Try adding some carrots or an apple to the lunch you listed - I will sometimes make fruit kabobs too on a stick - Sam thinks that is pretty cool.

J :)

The People's Chemist said...

Great post. I love the investigative work with the stealth photo's. If I had it my way, parents would be ticketed for negligence or just plain'ol stupidity. Shame on them.

tyoe your 100 grams into The People's Death by Sugar Calculator at www.thepeopleschemist.com and watch the ghaslty effects occur in real time.

Anonymous said...

check this site out - you'll love it - moms fighting back against nasty school lunches!

Joslyn said...

this makes me so sad...seriously, is it an education thing, a lazy thing...i just don't get it! Sam's lunch is perfection + the co-teaching of yoga is great. Audrey and I have been doing yoga in the evenings after work/school. she's totally digging it.