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In sticking with the disneyland theme....Here is a great article from Gabby Reece's website about how to be a superhero in your own life. Here's an excerpt.

You are your hero. Think it, feel it, and believe it. Start living it. Don't abuse yourself or your hero body. Make the time to exercise and get your hero body in the best shape it can be. Put food in your tank that's going to enhance your hero self. I'm telling you, if you start living this way, you'll begin to feel better on all levels - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And sure, look around and celebrate the gifts of the heroes around you, but be sure to put energy into yourself. After all, one of the few things we can control is whether we move and what we put in our mouths.

{And here is an awesome Superhero necklace too!}

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Jennifer Ramos said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my giveaway...don't 4get to come back Friday and check for the winner!
Love that Superhero necklace too!

Jen Ramos
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