{ i think he wrote this book for ME! }

Saw this book, Crazy Busy - Overstretched, Overbooked & About to Snap...checked out the author's website (lots of good info). Here are some tips on managing modern life. Here are 2 that resonated with me on Monday morning.

Don't waste time screensucking (a modern addiction - the withdrawal of looking at a computer/BlackBerry/etc. screen):
Break the habit of having to be near your computer at all times by changing your environment or structure - move your computer to a different room; schedule an amount of time you are allowed to be on the computer; plan mandatory breaks.

Screensucking! Love this term! How easy it is to be sucked in with all of the great blogs, resources, etc. on the internet. I have been trying to just check my blog roll once a day in the morning while I am waking up and not effective at much else.

And this week's tip from his site: At the heart of making the most of life today is the ability to treasure and protect your connections to what you care most about: people, places, activities, pets, a spiritual connection, a piece of music, even objects that are dear to you. But you must not have too many connections or none will flourish. Pick the ones that matter most to you and nourish them religiously; make that your top priority in life, and you can't go wrong.

Have a great Monday everyone and remember to take time for yourself - go workout, smile & breathe!


The People's Chemist said...

Looks like a great book. I witness people running around doing unproductive busy work all day long, then complain about "how busy they are."

The best way to control time is to set parameters. If your activity doesn't fall within those parameters, don't do it.

And toss the Blackberry...In the trash.

Maureen said...

Ohhhh....thank you, Jenny! This is what I was MEANT to HEAR today.


JW said...

Great Advise, thank you! Just before I checked your blog I was thinking I need to check e-mail and blogs once maybe twice a day...you are always right on regarding connection, love the reminder! :)

Jessica said...

I think I need to read this book. I've been trying not to screensuck lately and it helps. :o)