{ FUN }

Okay, so I know I posted this morning about living more fully with less stuff...But I had to make the 1.15 hour trip to Target today for supplies for Sam's super duper late birthday party on Saturday (long story short the gymnastics center where we wanted to have it was booked out way far in advance). So her party with her friends is on Saturday (only 21 days late)!

Anyway, found the adorable bag above on sale for $11.99.

Found some cute eco friendly journals and file folders for my office.

And got this book - will let you know what I think when I get around to reading it.

And, hello, dollar aisle at Target - princess crowns; wildflower seeds; magnets; arts supplies & cute journals. It really is a good thing there isn't a Target in my town because I would have a difficult time not accumulating stuff we don't need! :-)

This weekend I am going to do some spring cleaning (not fun); Sam's bday party festivities (FUN), devouring my new issue of Cookie Magazine (FUN); organizing LobotoME files (FUN); a bike ride with my friend Jamie (FUN); and catching up on accounting (not fun). Hope you all have a great weekend! Don't forget to build in some time for YOU, FUN, and PLAY!

ps - here is a great post about wholesome food & dinnertime family rituals on Mariel Hemingway's blog. hope it helps continue to inspire all of you to feed yourselves & your family good, organic, non-processed, healthy food.


robyn said...

i cannot BELIEVE you got one of those bags. i saw them online, and every.single.target. in my area is sold out of them.


i would've even settled for the blue version they have (actually what i wanted), but they didn't have that one either.


it seems like the most perfect purse ever. is it? wait, don't tell me.

LobotoME said...

Hi Robyn - You can still get them on Target.com I think!

It is almost the perfect bag - if it has a shoulder/messenger style strap it would be the perfect bag.

J :)

debbiem said...

that bag is so cute@@@@

Lisa said...

I am totally jealous about your trip to Target....that is the one downfall for living here in beautiful Norwich....no Target!! While my bank accounts breathe a sigh of relief, my shopping gene is amped up at all times!!

So funny about that book...I was totally just going to pick one up and ship it to you! I picked one up for myself and am so happy discovering all the tips and tricks.

Much love, Lisa

Alli Bozeman said...

i just bought the same greenroom eco binders and expanding files. were we separated at birth?