{ i'm it }

I've been tagged a bunch in the past few months and have never gotten around to doing it but I finally did it.

7 weird things that you don't know about ME....

1) I took tap dancing classes for 15 years and wanted to be a rockette. {note: i am barely 5'3"}
2) Although I am an impatient driver (I grew up in NY afterall) I HATE to pass people - and if I do pass someone I hold my breath the entire time.
3) I can't function if my house is a wreck and I can't leave the house if the bed isn't made.
4) My favorite movie of all time is goonies. I even let sam watch it last weekend.
5) I am severally directionally impaired - I get lost all the time and I lock my keys in my car at least once a week. Thank goodness for OnStar.
6) The first concert I ever saw was milli vanilli at the binghampton, ny arena.
7) I've had the same best friend for 29 years - we met in preschool and we are polar opposites. lisa is a republican, church-attending, attorney with long nails & long hair; and i am a liberal, hippie, sort of buddhist with no nails & short hair. but i love her to death. i'd love her even more if she voted for obama. :)

8 things that i am thankful for { in no particular order }

1) my parents for "born-ing" me {that's what I called being born when I was little}.
2) my patient, kind, hard-working husband.
3) my cancer...which brought us to our beautiful, funny daughter samme {i am so thankful to be her mom}.
4) sam's birthparents for chosing us and loving her.
5) barack obama's movement for change.
6) my family & friends {you all know who you are}
7) my health & my heart
8) cupcakes

so, I guess i'm supposed to tag a few of you...how about any of you who haven't been tagged. go for it. i know that's a bit lame to not NAME people...but its kind of like those emails that go around and say if you don't forward this to 8 of your friends right now you will experience 8 years of bad luck. silly.


debbiem said...

YOu crack me up!

Lisa said...

Okay - don't tell anyone, but I am totally on board with the Obama movement. My husband will kill me for admitting this!!!!!

I am definitely going to respond to your "tag" - stay tuned.

Much love, Lisa

LobotoME said...


when are you going to start your blog? i know, in your free time?!?!


J :)

Anonymous said...

nice to get to know you lobotome!!

I am also height challenged - 5'2.

we shorties must stick together.

enjoyed your gratitude list as well : )

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

Thanks for sharing. We have a bunch of things in common!

Maureen said...

still catching up on things, but had to respond, right away....

love the tag. i cracked up the whole time. i too, am so directionally challenged (will write more about a particular experience later); and i hold my breath (and I'd totally close my eyes if I could) while passing too; there was one more thing, but I forgot. You so could've been a rockette.