{ easter JOY }

Isn't Easter usually in April? Seriously, doesn't it seem EARLY this year? Maybe its because there is still a ton of snow here, but I need to kick the Easter Brunch planning into high gear.

Here are a few easter basket ideas that don't involve sugar.

I'm thinking of filling a pink suitcase with the following for Sam...

Wooden Bird Whistles.

Filling the eggs with stuff from the Easter Inspiration Pack from Etsy seller Scissors Paper Glue.

Duck shaped crayons
also via Etsy.

Egg shaped chalk. To buy or make. I'm going with the buy option. :-)

In the meantime I am going to get stuff to make these and these.

and of course egg coloring using this tip and lots of rubber bands and then planning on eating lots of egg salad sandwiches.


Jessica said...

Cute ideas! I want to try making those t-shirt bunnies too...

carolyn said...

cute ideas!

Kristina said...

I love the bird whistles. Just went to Pier 1 to pick some up for the kids easter baskets. You find the cutest stuff. Thanks for sharing!