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Lots of exciting stuff going on with LobotoME lately. Finally received our POP displays (made from recycled materials) and Alli and I have been working hard on our booth for the National Stationary Show in NYC in May! There are about 100 pages of documents to review, sign and interpret...you can't just show up with your product and some Ikea furniture...you have to have it shipped to the warehouse and pay for them to store it and move it to your booth and assemble it (all union labor stuff)...Nothing like trying to get a cool display from the mountains of Colorado to NYC in one piece...More to come on this adventure. I'm still not sure if I am more excited about 1) exhibiting at NSS; 2) having momME time for 5 days in NYC (I know I will miss her every second); or 3) SHOPPING & eating in NYC. I think I'm leaning towards #3 at this point. We've also got some new stores signed on as retailers lately, all across the country. A few of the new online ones are: GiggleFish Gifts (I've mentioned them before but love their concept & design), Precious Personalities, and EmagineGreen - a really cool new company that is designed around the premise of voting with your consumer dollars to positively impact the environment. Also have been talking to several different reps...I'm at the point where we are growing and fast but I need the help of some reps. So if any of you want a job, email me! :)


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find your email ... so I'm posting a note here [hope you don't mind] ... received my LobotoME order today ... LOVE, LOVE it. I've never been so excited to make lists! Thanks for the extra goodies ... so, so kind. Not sure my husband will like the Honey Do list as much as I.

Good luck preparing for the NSS. I went one year for fun [yes, just for fun ... made a trip to NY just for the show] + it was fabulous.

Happy weekend.

debbiem said...

all great news and progress - supercute display! i know everyone will love lobotome asmuch as i do!

have a good weekend ---

Maureen said...

Congratulations on your rep and retail! YippEE LobotoME!

Anonymous said...

I already told you I want to work for you!!! :-)

Jennifer S.