{ stop procrastinating }

You've told yourself you would stop procrastinating. Now stop putting that off. If only there was an actual hour of the day called "Later.'
That's when everyone who has ever said, "I'll do it later" would have to stop what they were doing and commit some time to that thing they've been putting off. Unfortunately, people often put exercise, healthy eating and relationships into the 'Later' category.
But because 'Later' never is 'Now,' things don't get done. For days. For weeks. For months. For decades.
And one day, those people will wake up to find that they have no more 'Later' left in their lives. So take a moment to take care of yourself now.
You'll thank yourself later.

A great Lululemon ad from Yoga Journal.


Maggie Sumner said...

WOW! This speaks to me. I'm probably one of the world's worst procrastinators. What I need to put off for later is my putting off everything else!

carolyn said...

what a great ad! thanks jenny!

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

words to live by ;)
thanks for reminding me.
have a great weekend.

Maureen said...

love it. thanks for the gift of it. m