{ a little behind with LIFE ... }

{ what i am doing today = piles & piles of laundry }

{ what I would rather be doing today = reading }

So, Ms. Organization (ME) is not very organized at the moment. Little Samme was sick all week with a nasty cold and ear infection (that actually forced a 10pm visit to the emergency room on Thursday night) and has been pretty miserable despite our best efforts to cheer her up (eg. unlimited ice-cream & movies). Which of course has made me less than cheerful all week. So, after not getting ANYTHING done this week, I spent today doing 8 loads of laundry (no joke), cleaning the kitchen, picking up the playroom, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. I still have piles of stuff to go through in my inbox (both on my desk and on my computer) and clothes to put away. And check out my stack of "reading" materials bedside...haven't gotten around to reading in awhile. I am determined to get back on track come Monday morning with working out, knocking stuff off my to do list, practicing yoga, cooking healthy meals again and last but no least, smiling again. Reminder to self... Despite looming piles, my first priority = MOM. This means playing with her, taking her places, playing with my little ponies for hours if that is what she wants to do. Second priority = taking better care of ME. Exercise everyday. Do LOTS of yoga. Breathe.

Note: The ONLY organizational thing I accomplished this week was getting Stephanie's package off to her for the Organize Swap (sneak peek below).


carolyn said...

Hope Sam is feeling better soon! it is so hard to get caught up isn't it?

debbiem said...

I love your stack of books - I will have to add some of those to my list. What is IN all of those cute bags for the organize SWAP!?!? I wish I had signed up for it.

Anonymous said...

yeah what is in those bags?!?! sounds like a fun swap!

- Jenna