{ In 2008 I will... }

:: Family ::

: To be a patient, imaginative, & mindful MOM everyday.
: Play more. Work Less. More 3 day weekends!
: Spend less. Make gifts. Do more.
: Adopt another child...putting it out there to the universe!

:: Personal ::

: Do something everyday (hiking, biking, running, yoga....just something!)
: Plan & prepare healthy meals daily.
: Plan & take time for ME everyday.

:: Environment ::

: Recycle everything & anything - think beyond paper, glass, plastic & aluminum.
: Save $ for solar panels for house so we can be completely off the grid.

:: Career ::

: Successful NSS Tradeshow/Launch new products at Tradeshow
: LobotoME in MORE stores in 08!
: Successful & efficient Gravity Play event season.


TAYLOR MADE designs said...

Great tips!
I haven't sat down to do mine yet, but you have inspired me to do so :)

Kristina said...

Jenny, I have had so much fun reading your blog and looking at your products... I had no idea you had started your company! You are very talented! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all your goals, especially your family and personal. I'm saving for solar panels too! You have really inspired me to be a fun and present mom so that's on my list too. I look forward to your future posts of inspiration!! :) Happy New Year!! Life is a never ending road trip, enjoy the journey!! :)

Your friend,

carolyn said...

great goals JEnny! thank you so much for the guidance --

debbiem said...

Seems to me you are already an imaginative, patient, mindful MOM! Good luck adopting another child - I hope a little one comes your way soon!

Anonymous said...

great goals jenny! I like how you split it up into 4 categories instead of moshing them all together.

TamiG said...

my goal is to get up an hour earlier than the kids so I can stretch, make the bed, have a cup of tea and read the blogs i love.

tommysmommy said...

Great goals Jenny!