{ have an organized '08 }

I've been getting a lot of emails about how to get & stay organized this year and how to keep track of monster to do lists; goals; etc.

Here are the tools I use.

First, I list out my annual health, personal & business goals in my Jill Bliss small journal (that Alli turned me onto). It is great for jotting down ideas, books to read, funny things Sam says, etc. That way my goals are always with me. I also post them above my desk.

Secondly, I create a Master To DO List. This is a HUGE list of things that need to get down (some items today, others before the end of the year). I don't think of it as a duanting list, rather a catch-all for all of my "lists." I sort it by Personal/Home/Honey Do/Business/etc. I use a google doc online so I can continually update it, add lines, delete items, etc.

From that Master To DO List, I draw out the items each week to put on my MomME weekly planner. So, for example, one day, from that Master To Do List onto my planner went: dinner with Tim & Becky, drop off donations at Salvation Army, call customer service re. trampoline issue and schedule annual doctors appointments. Those 4 tasks were a manageable addition to my Tuesday To Do's. What I try to do is on Sunday evening, settle in and schedule the week - with to-do's; errands; workout plans; and meal planning/grocery shopping list.

ps - you can buy the hilarious folders here.


sarahm010 said...

Thanks for those tips!

Maureen said...

GREAT TIPS! Thank you, Jenny!

lovinlife88 said...

great ideas- thanks! do you have your power back yet?

Carly D.