{ another winter wonderland... }

We got 2 feet of snow last night (no joke)! The plow guy can't even plow the driveway because he keeps getting stuck (it is about 1/6 mile long so way to big to just shovel)...so we are stuck. So at breakfast while discussing all of the snow, Samme said, "Daddy needs to shovel the world today mama." How cute is that? And Will said, "Honey, I think I am going to hitchhike up to the ski area and go snowboarding since my truck is stuck in the driveway." Uh, okay Will. I didn't know 35 year olds hitchhiked, but you gotta do what you gotta do on a powder day!


katie1212 said...

another snow storm? wowzer! hope you all have a fun snow day, hitch-hiking and all!

Maureen said...

oh my gosh, to have heard Samme and Will at breakfast this morning! I love it! Enjoy the snow...wish we had some :)

carolyn said...

love that - shovel the world! it must seem like that to her! SO CUTE!