{ night on the town }

While my daughter hones her grocery bagging skills at the new Natural Food Store exhibit at the Children's Museuem (Kid's Night Out) and while my hubby is on a business trip...I found myself with 2 hours of FREE, childless time on a Saturday night. I was tempted to see a movie but it would have been pushing it close to pick her up on time...so I decided to spend an evening out on the town (sort of). I went to the bookstore and bought two new books (more on those later); went to my favorite clothing store and got a darling Slendid dress on sale; went to Kitty Kitty Boom Boom and signed up for my first sewing class (in December); went to the bead store to get some needed supplies and now I still have an hour to relax at the coffee shop and catch up on emails.
See what you can do to find some free time soon...it's splendid indeed.


carolyn said...

That sounds perfect! What a cute little bookstore - C

Anonymous said...

unexpected down time is so great isn't it? I bet it was so relaxing..i'm envious -

- Vicki