{ acres of gratitude }

One of my favorite lines in my favorite book, Eat Pray Love is at the end of Part Two when, after spending four months at an Ashram in India, Elizabeth shares two poems that she's written - the first at the beginning of her stay at the ashram, when she was struggling, and the second one written her last day there after she had found peace and happiness within herself. She writes, "In the the space between the two poems, I have found acres of grace." Acres of grace. I love that.

In light of the Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow, I find myself thinking in terms of acres of gratitude...I have so much to be grateful for - a happy, healthy child; a loving, kind husband; wonderful parents who I get to see often; Sam's contagious giggle; Sam's birthparents who chose us; my grandparents who are still alive and able to get to know my daughter; wonderful friends who are supportive and loving; my health and being cancer free for 7 years; our warm & welcoming home; the men & woman working to protect us; and the affection of our golden retriever.

And because this IS a brain blog....Ellen Weber points out some ways gratitude transforms the human brain in Two Words Can Transform a Workplace. She writes: "Interestingly, the art and science of gratitude grows easier the more you practice it."

A few ways to express gratitude:

- Upon waking up in the morning take a few moments to reflect on what you are grateful for.

- Keeping a gratitude journal. Write down things you are grateful for.

- Tell someone WHY you are grateful for them.

- Write a letter to someone or an organization you are grateful for.

- Send a care package to a solider at Any Solider.

- Take a few moments around the dinner table tomorrow and ask everyone to share something they are grateful for. When I asked Sam what she was grateful for this morning- she told me - "Pink." I am grateful for Pink mama. :)

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with the laughter of friends and family.


carolyn said...

A great post the day before thanksgiving...Thank You and happy thanksgiving to you & yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great ideas! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving to you jenny!

tracyt44 said...

love that...acres of gratitude and acres of grace.

Anonymous said...

wonderfully stated!

l, Lisa :-)