WANTED: Longer Weekends

I have a shirt that says WANTED: Longer Weekends (and I wear it almost every Monday morning!) What is it about our 2 "free" days that become booked with activities and things to do? I feel like I try to squeeze in all of the excitement and fun and stuff to do in 48 hours that leaves me more exhausted than I was on Friday afternoon - Sushi dinner with friends on Friday night (YUM); farmers market and leaf picking on Saturday (Fun); 4 loads of laundry (NEVER-ENDING); making a bunch of darn purees from Deceptively Delicious (too darn time consuming); swimming play date and dinner with friends on Saturday night (more fun); power yoga on Sunday morning (excellent) followed by a quick trip to the grocery store; scenic drive to check out the fall colors (gorgeous); cleaning the house (UGH!); trying on Halloween costumes and taking pictures (hilarious); picking my mom up at the airport; Rockies game party (GO ROCKIES!); ordering Happy Halloween cards from Snapfish at 11pm last night; and more. There just really isn't enough time in the day is there? Here's to trying to slow down and savor the deliciousness of the fall weather this weekend.
OH MY GOD - I just heard my husband on the phone with his brother who asked, what did you guys do this weekend - Will, my hubby, responded "Not much. Just relaxed." DOES HE LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE AS ME!??!!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious about your husband saying "not much!" - I guess it is all about different perspectives! I don't know how you fit so much in! - Carla

kat said...

too funny :)

My husband would say the exact same thing!I seem to have a thousand and one things to do, and for some reason, he doesn't!

I agree, longer weekends wanted, but really NEEDED :)

oh, and thanks for your sweet email!

carries said...

hilarious! my husband is the exact same way!!!