Pink serenity...

You can get a great deal on this pink yoga mat (only $12 plus shipping) through the Crazy Sexy Cancer website. Click here and it will direct you to the Gaiam page to add it to your cart.
Don't forget, Kris is on Oprah today!
update: Just watched her on Oprah - Today's show was "If you knew you were dying, how would you LIVE?" She was radiant and inspiring...a few quick highlights - She said "Isn't worrying praying for what you don't want?" She also said "LIFE is a terminal condition - we are all going to die. Get going LIVING folks."


Anonymous said...

she was amazing on oprah!
i just ordered a PINK yoga mat - can't wait till it arrives!

debbiem said...

Thanks so much for this link - that's a great deal!