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Daily Dose of ME:

Had a great day with the fam - Got a lot of little projects down around the house and a big project (I turned a closet in Sam's playroom into a little "house" for her...took off the doors, moved in her play kitchen, etc. It is adorbable..I will post pictures tomorrow). GO ROCKIES!!

Daily Dose of Fun:

Thinking of getting this book for moi - D.I.Y. Kids. (I figure if it features craft ideas that a 7 year old can do, I might be able to tackle some of them too!) Like these felt birdies -candidates for my first ever sewing project...

Daily Dose of Sanity:

Relax - Spend a few moments this evening disengaging from the busyness of the weekend by sitting quietly with your eyes closed for 5 minutes while you breathe slowly and deeply.

Daily Brain Buzz: Outblush.com diggin' the Brainiac note pads.


Maureen said...

Going to shut off the computer now for a five minute dose of NOTHING. Thanks for the reminder! Have a great evening...

rachel said...

I have that BOOK and it is great! You can totally do some of the sewing projects in it! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tips! I visit your blog often!

- Kara (OH)