6 tips for ME time...

When was the last time you DIDN'T wish for an 8th day of the week or a 25th hour in the day or wish that your body just didn't need sleep?

With lives so exciting & jam packed, it's easy to push time for yourself OFF the over-flowing list of things to do. The momME weekly planner by LobotoME, LLC encourages you to schedule time for yourself in it's delightful row called ME TIME.

1) Schedule ME Time. At the beginning of the week plan some things just for you. Ideas: yoga class, a 1/2 walk during lunchtime away from your desk, a trip to the bookstore on your way home from work or a Saturday morning trip to the bookstore (all by yourself). Be flexible...if your goal of going to pilates class at noon didn't happen, take 15 minutes before bed to do some stretches and read a magazine in peace. The important thing is to make it a PRIORITY to take time for yourself each and every day so you can stay sane, recharged and nice. :)

2) Throw away all the post-it notes and wall calendars. Think weekly for the details, monthly for an overview of big impact events, like holidays, travel or special events. The momME weekly planner or organizeME weekly planner are perfect for this.

3) Plan a weekly adventure date - either solo, with your partner or whole family. Try something new each week - a new restaurant, a new hike, a new grocery store, a new meal...Keep things fresh.

4) Schedule a girls night out at least once a month. Time with friends is so key to maintaining your sanity.

5) Each Sunday evening, take out your weekly planner, schedule all of your meetings, kids activities, etc. Figure out your dinner plans for each night and make a corresponding grocery list. Schedule in exercise each day and ME Time each day. Just do it.

6) Don't sweat the small stuff. What's more important - a sparkling bath-tub or reading another book to your daughter? Exactly.

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