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So, I'm not going on the mission trip to the Kenyan orphanage this winter with my Church group, which I'm bummed about....But I am going to go sometime within the next 2 years. I can feel it and I know it. I just started this journey a bit too late this year and didn't have the time & funds to sign up in time, re-arrange work commitments and ran out of time to convince my family that this was a good thing. I know, excuses, right? But, I'm convinced that there will be time in the near future when the trip has my name (and God's name) written all over it. This wasn't the one. But, I am helping the local group fundraise. They are trying to raise $7,000 to build a separate boys wing so that the kids can be separated by gender. A few weekends ago Samme & I participated in the "Run for Orphans." And Samme & I are helping my friend Milly who is going, FILL up a giant duffle bag FULL of art supplies, vitamins, first aid supplies, kids clothes, books, etc. Won't you be so kind as to send some items or a monetary donation for the new wing for the kids at the orphanage? Email me for my mailing address. Every little bit helps.... Thanks so much! Oh, and I need this stuff as soon as possible...early November at the latest!

ps - Look at all of the great vitamins everyone sent last month to Jodi! Woot! I love how a few people can make such a difference.

pps - The image above is from Meg who went to Africa last fall. Read all about her trip here. Thanks Meg for letting me share...


amy said...

Beautiful post. I have a link on my blog for a fundraising project a friend of mine is heading up for Ethiopia and I'm trying to collect clothes and books for local Dallas refugees in public schools who have nothing and need so much also. I think it's crazyhow parallel our lives are. I know if we met we'd be the best if friends!

Anonymous said...

I am really desiring to go on a missions trip soon. I am hoping within the next couple of years. I would like to take my son with me with I go.