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So, you want to make this the year you get FIT (for real this time)?

Step 1. Set a realistic goal. If you weigh over 250lbs you might not be able to realistically get down to 125 in one year! Perhaps instead a better goal would be to lose 5 lbs per month by eating healthier, walking to & from work everyday and going to the gym 3 days a week.

Step 2. Schedule time to exercise and find a workout buddy to help keep you motivated. Each week, schedule in some walks or runs; some gym or yoga classes or time in the morning before work to do an exercise video or show. Here's a video with a great 16 minute strength building series from The People's Chemist. Use the Fit ME notepad to plan and track your workouts.

Step 3. Plan healthy meals. There is no reason you should be eating pizza 3x a week! I don't care how busy you are. Cook up a weeks worth of chicken on Sunday night to use for quick meals (add brown rice and some steamed frozen veggies). Use the Feed ME notepad and the Check ME notepad to plan and shop for healthy foods. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, get rid of the crap. Take an hour today, and clean out your pantry, fridge and freezer of all of the junk - cookies, processed foods, etc. Wipe out the refrigerator, organize the pantry and stock up on healthy items. If there are Oreo's in your house, you WILL eat them. So throw them out!

Step 4. Take Supplements. Research different vitamins and supplements that will help you achieve optimal health. You can read about what I take each day here.Link
Step 5. Remember to have patience and stick with it. Set a good example for your kids by taking care of your body! You are only give one body, don't mess it up.

Step 6. Read. Add some fitness/healthy living blogs to your blogroll to help keep you inspired! Here are a few I like:
Fit Sugar
Gabby Reece's site
Fitness for Mommies
The Peoples Chemist
Womens Health & Fitness
Crazy Sexy Cancer
Hybrid Fitness (who just posted about the Fit ME pad)
Workout Mommy

Step 7. Health Checklist. Complete these tasks from Oprah's Best Life series.

What are your fitness/health goals this year?

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marta said...

i absolutely love these planner notepads. such lovely things. thank you!