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1. Will + I signed up to do this fun race together next month.
2. Love these kids printable summer treat coupons.
3. Love this post at Sparkle Power. *Decide that your kids come first. This is something that it is good to have a reminder about sometimes.
4. This strawberry shortcake recipe. Yum. That's what we had at our wedding in lieu of cake. So that's what we always have on our anniversary (coming right up!)
5. My hubby will love this recipe so I will make it for him this week.
6. I'm back on the fitness bandwagon - had some great workouts last week and plan to step it up this week. I've come to the conclusion that it must happen at 5:00AM or it doesn't happen at all.
7. I'm also back on the spending hiatus bandwagon, except for date night coming up (our 8th anniversary). sushi + green tea icecream + popcorn and eclipse (he's a good sport with my obsession) = fun fun!
8. Wondering just how insane (and possibly lame) I would be if I went to the movie theater by myself on Tuesday night and watched the Twilight triple header? Twilight at 7:00; New Moon at 9:30 and Eclipse at Midnight. Will was speechless when I asked if he wanted to come with me. And no one else will go with me? (I KNOW Jana, Jamie, Lisa & Maureen would go w/ me if y'all lived closer!)
9. This haunting oil spill video...
10. Thanks Mothercraft for the lovely momME planner writeup. Subscribe to their newsletter for loads of good information, including a great 6 minute meditation practice for moms.
11. I just calculated that to have our mortgage paid off WAY early (as in 5 years from now) we have to pay an extra $31,200 per year. I don't have words to express what I am feeling about this right now.
12. I like this idea of using a household ledger for a month to track ALL spending. I'm going to use this chart on the front of the fridge for the month of July.
13. Love this new healthy family food website, Haven.

Have a great week! Be fit, get organized, stay sane. GO!

love print above via etsy


Anonymous said...

you always have such good things on your mind.

LobotoME said...

I don't know about good, but lots of random thoughts for sure - oil spill, eclipse, anniversaries, & strawberry shortcake = random! ;)

Sarah said...

I love the ledger idea. I used an online system to track spending and it never worked. For me, low tech is always better. I printed out the linked sheet and stuck it on the fridge. Great idea, so glad you shared!

Wilcox Family said...

Yes, we were at the beach tonight and ran across a baby seal that was dying. We don't have the oil on the west coast but this one had tar all over him and it it made me so sad, those big eyes looking at me, small bark....I wanted to quit my job right there and BE of service to the cause. ahhh..I'll find a way to be of service. YES, YES - I am so there for all 3!! Wahooo...2 more days, less than 24 hours....

AmyCS said...

Hey there,

It was fun to see my budget sheet on your blog, among other interesting tid-bits. Thanks for including it, and I hope you and your readers continue to find it useful! Please feel free to check in with me if you have any suggestions or comments.

Amy @ Frugal-Mama.com